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Apply courses via our online booking at here

- Documents Required in PDF format for foreign worker

  • Valid copy of work pass

  • Valid copy of passport

  • Valid copy of MOM employment details [click here to view sample]

- Documents Required in PDF Format for Singaporean or Singapore PR

  • NRIC


Procedures to facilitate Social Visit Pass (SVP) holders in taking SEC(K) course/ test in Singapore

Foreign workers may take their SEC(K) course/test in Singapore based on social visit pass (SVP) arrangement, only if there is no Overseas Test Centre in their home country and theymust be from approved source countries as listed in Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s webpage (Construction sector: Work Permit requirements).

Malaysian worker under SVP (Social Visit Pass)

  • Valid Passport

  • Construction Safety Orientation Course (CSOC) Pass

  • Ensure the worker is covered under Personal Accident Insurance for safety purpose for attending the course and test

NTS or PRC worker under SVP (Social Visit Pass)

1. An appeal letter stating the following:

  • Purpose of allowing the workers to come into Singapore;

  • Number of workers;

  • Type of trade test;

  • Reasons of employing these workers; and

  • Job description, project title and site location where the workers will be employed for.

2. Supporting documents:

  • Project award letter issued by the developer or main contractor;

  • Valid man-year entitlement/prior approval (PA) quota letter;

  • Worker’s skill qualification relevant to the skill test; and

  • Workers’ passport.

Only workers of at least 18 years of age are allowed to attend test.

Sponsored company will be required to do the following once the approval is granted:

  • Arrange workers to enter Singapore using social visit pass;

  • Liaise with ATTC to schedule workers for training and test;

  • Liaise with ATTC on personal accident insurance coverage for the worker himself for safety purposes before attending the test at ATTC test premises;

  • Send workers for Construction Safety Orientation Course (CSOC) test followed by the SEC(K) test.

Only workers with CSOC pass are allowed to attend the SEC(K) test.

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